Family Law
Often our clients are faced with emotionally difficult and legally complicated family law issues. These can include distribution of property and debt in a divorce, custody and support of children, defense of child support actions and either seeking or contesting an adoption. It is the goal of the attorneys at Gullette & Gullette, PSC to be sensitive to the emotional needs of our clients in such trying times while striving to provide the best legal solution possible. We feel that our true strength lies in our ability to empathize with our clients and provide both legal counsel and emotional support.   In the end our attorneys are ready to help you through your divorce in Nicholasville.

Criminal/Traffic Defense
On occasion, our clients may find themselves charged with the commission or either a traffic offense or a more serious misdemeanor or felony crime. The attorneys at Gullette & Gullette, PSC have extensive experience in both defending such matters and in serving as a prosecuting attorney. This provides our attorneys with insight into both sides of a criminal matter–both the defense and the prosecution. The Gullette & Gullette, PSC attorneys have extensive trial experience and are prepared to aggressively fight for the preservation of our clients' rights and the best possible outcomes.

Business Formation
Many of our business clients find themselves faced with decisions concerning the form in which their business should be structured. We can provide counsel and advice explaining the pros and cons of conducting business as a sole proprietorship, a general partnership, a limited liability company, and both regular C and S corporations. The Gullette & Gullette, PSC attorneys can prepare all necessary public filings and corporate documents which may include shareholder agreements, employment agreements, termination agreements, confidentiality agreements, non-compete agreements and other documents necessary to safeguard the business. We believe in providing to each client the specific type and level of service they require. As a result, we take our time to learn about each client's business in order to provide appropriate legal services tailored to each client's individual needs.

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Practice Areas

Gullette & Gullette, P.S.C.  is a full service law firm that can handle virtually all of our clients needs.  The list found below is not exhaustive of all the areas in which our attorneys practice but is illustrative of the most common needs of our clients.  If you don't see your issue represented please call the office to discuss it with the attorneys of Gullette & Gullette, P.S.C.  If we don't practice in the area of your need, we know who does and we would be happy to refer you to competent counsel.  

Despite every good intention, business ventures often result in litigation. Partners and shareholders reach impasse; lending institutions are sued for unfair collection practices; individuals who are guarantors of corporate debt find themselves in state or federal court. The attorneys of Gullette & Gullette, PSC have represented a myriad of business types in various litigation matters and are tenacious and dedicated to providing the most aggressive litigation possible.

Few things are more upsetting than the loss of a loved on and the final disposition of their affairs. The last thing anyone wants at such a time is to end up fighting with creditors, business partners, the Internal Revenue Service, or even family members. Navigating an estate through probate can be a daunting task, fraught with peril and pitfalls for the uninitiated. The attorneys at Gullette & Gullette, PSC have the experience necessary to see to it that the estate passes into the right hands. Though we certainly hope that all goes smoothly for you, we know from experience that sometimes that is impossible. Should an issue develop, we provide thoughtful, creative solutions designed to meet the unique needs and wishes of each client.

Estate Planning
At Gullette & Gullette, PSC, we understand that no one really wants to seriously consider the very real fact that each of us will, at some future time, die. In our complex society, an individual's death has far-reaching legal impact upon those left behind. In working with our clients in matters of estate planning, we structure the wills, trusts and other end-of-life documents that will both lessen this legal impact and meet the client's desires as to the distribution of assets.